East meets West

Our unique menu reflects who we are – Mom was born in the Pampanga province of the Philippines and moved to Southern California when she was little. Pops is a New Englander from Meriden, Connecticut.  We met in San Francisco and how we arrived Cape Cod is a long story which we would be happy to tell to you in person in our restaurant, Mom & Pops!

About our burgers

We serve only Creekstone Farms Premium Beef, sourced through the country’s top beef purveyor, Pat LaFrieda. Our beef comes from all Black Angus steers, humanely raised on small, family owned farms. The steers live their lives on pasture and are finished on corn to develop the marbling. The steers are not dosed with antibiotics, and also feature an all-natural “never ever” program of all natural Black Angus beef which is 100% hormone and antibiotic free for their whole lives.

Fresh food, quick service

Our mission is to serve our customers food we grew up on and love, sourcing only the highest quality, freshest ingredients. Our love for our food is evident in everything we do, from butchering and grinding of our special blend of beef in-house daily, to hand-cutting our fries, to Mom hand-rolling her lumpia in the kitchen. This is more than a business to us, and the only thing we hope feels quick at Mom & Pops is our service.

Thank you!!!

We want our customers to feel like guests of our family. We hope you will appreciate our unique menu, love our food, and come back to visit us time and time again. As always, we thank you for coming in!!!



When did you open?

November 11, 2016

Are you a franchise?

No, Mom & Pops is a family owned business.

Are you a chain?

No, our only location is right here in Chatham, Massachusetts.

What is Pop’s Sauce?

It is a ketchup and mayo-based burger sauce, with a few secret ingredients added in. Pop’s spent many hours perfecting his sauce, just ask his #1 taste-tester, Mom!

Is Pop’s Sauce spicy?


What is Mom’s Sauce?

Think Mexican Crema, with a delicious smack of fresh lime zest. Mom’s Sauce refreshingly balances out the heat of our spicier menu items, or as Mom says, it adds “zest and zing!”

What are Mom's Homemade Lumpia?

Lumpia is a spring roll of Chinese origin commonly found in the Philippines. It is a savoury snack made of thin crepe pastry skin called "lumpia wrapper" wrapped around a mixture of savoury fillings, including chopped vegetables and minced meat (Mom’s contain pork). In a Filipino home, lumpia is one of the most common dishes found in any kind of gathering, and Mom rolls hers from scratch right here at Mom & Pops.

What is a Steamed Cheeseburger?

Invented in the early 1900’s, the Steamed Cheeseburger is a regional food particular to a few local establishments in and around Pop’s hometown, Meriden, Connecticut. The Steamed Cheeseburger is cooked in a stainless-steel chest which contains small trays to both hold, and steam-cook the beef. Once fully cooked, the Steamed Cheeseburger is served by scooping the beef onto a Kaiser bun and pouring the melted cheese (also steam-cooked) over the meat.

Why steam a Cheeseburger?

Pops was told growing up that this method of cooking causes the fats in the beef to cook off, leaving a juicier, healthier burger. The thing is though, the burger is best served covered in a generous portion of melted cheese, so healthier…who knows? We just know Pops loves them and wants to give people outside of Central Connecticut a chance to try them for themselves!

Are all of your burgers steamed?

No, only our classic "Steamed Cheeseburger" and new "Spicy Steamed Cheeseburger are cooked by steaming. The rest are cooked at a very high heat in a "pressed" or "smashed" style and served on a delicious sesame brioche bun. A combination of this cooking style and our special chrome plated flat top creates the rich brown crust that makes our burgers taste so darn good!

What is the difference between a frappe and a milkshake?

Not from around here, eh? That’s ok, we’ll make it easy for you. According to the American Heritage College Dictionary, a milkshake is “a beverage that is made of milk, ice cream, and often flavoring, which is blended or whipped until foamy.” Unless of course you grew up here in New England, where a "milkshake" would never include ice cream. Adding ice cream makes it a "frappe" of course!

Do you serve wine and beer?

Yes, we have a wine and rotating beer selection that we are very excited about, and think you will be too. Not sure which beer to order? Try four with one of our flights! We are also happy to pour you a sample to taste before ordering so that you get it just right.

Do you have gluten free options?

Yes, we can substitute an Udi's gluten free bun for our standard buns to make any of our hamburgers gluten free.

Why don’t you serve soup, sweet potato fries, onion rings, lobster rolls, etc.?

Fair question. Butchering, grinding and pattying our burgers in-house, hand-cutting and blanching our fries, hand-rolling Mom's lumpia, and preparing all of our other items from scratch daily takes great time, care and effort (not to mention space). Our goal is to makes these items the best we can - that's why our focus is perfecting on what we do offer, and working hard every day to make it happen.

Which allergies do we need to look out for?

We take food allergies very seriously. Before placing your order, please inform your server if a person in your party has a food allergy.

Do you sell gift cards?

Absolutely, stop on in and pick up one, or however many you would like, today!

What is your seating situation?

We have 19 seats inside, and are working to complete an outside seating area in time for Summer 2017. We do not take reservations and all seats are on a first come, first sit basis.

Do you have parking?

Yes. Please park in the marked parking spaces either in front of, along the right side of, or behind our building.

Are you really a quick serve restaurant?

Yes, but given demand and the fact that we cook to order, a line is inevitable from time to time. As the saying goes though, “the best things in life are worth waiting for, especially the food at Mom & Pops.” We do take phone-in orders, so please call ahead if you are pressed for time.

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SPRING 2017 Hours

Monday: Closed

Tuesday - Thursday: 11am-7pm

Friday - Saturday: 11am-8pm

Sunday: 11am–3pm